Self Portrait 2017

I began photographing portraiture after initially finding a passion for capturing the natural world where I lived in rural west Wales over fifteen years ago. I was photographing everything and anything outdoors with digital cameras when they first came on the scene. At this time I was also honing my digital art skills in Photoshop and Corel Painter. Not long after I had begun photographing portraits, my photographs were soon featured in publications around the world after being discovered on sites such as Deviant Art and Flickr. I have written articles and tutorials for photography and photoshop magazines and have also been a guest lecturer at FE colleges and photo clubs.

I grew up near Birmingham U.K and on reflection I feel my photography and aesthetic has been heavily influenced from regular childhood visits in the 80’s with my portrait artist mother to view the Pre Raphaelites at BMAG. I am also fascinated by the Tudor period and Hans Holbein is my favourite portraitist. It’s mainly classical art I view for inspiration.

Becoming a photographer was an organic metamorphosis that happened to me in my twenties. It opened up a new way to connect with people and discover creativity previously untapped. I feel very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful role. In recent years I discovered I am neurodivergent which has been life affirming.

Creating beautiful portraits that capture the essence of a person, combined with meeting these people is what motivates me to be a photographer. Connecting with the sitter is what leads to a strong portrait. I spend a lot of time talking with my subjects and getting to know them. I love asking questions. I often get told how relaxed my shoots are.

I have experience on both sides of the camera. In my early twenties, I was a professional character model, promotions person and TV supporting artist. I have some great memories and it was also a useful experience as I can put myself in my sitters shoes. I know what a big ask it is to pose in front of the camera.

I work primarily as a portrait and actors headshot photographer from my studio here in Northamptonshire. I use a mixture of studio and outdoor shots are possible as our garden backs onto the countryside. I also work as a fashion photographer and I am represented by Trevillion Images having produced images that have been used on book covers and magazines throughout the world.

I admire the photography of Terence Donovan, Vivian Maier, Tim Walker and Cecil Beaton to name a few.

I live in rural Northamptonshire in a pink thatched cottage with my husband and two cats.

I look forward to shooting with you!


Where it all began…A selection of magazine articles from around 2008