Frequently Asked Questions

• Do you shoot film or digital photos?
I shoot digital. Nikon.

• What does your price include? Prints or CD? Final prints? Retouching?
The price includes 4 retouched images of your selection. Images are returned digitally via a Dropbox link. You will receive full sized images, web sized in colour plus an 8×10 crop also.

• How much time do you allocate for the session?
There is no set time limit but shoots rarely last longer than two hours. If the weather is very bad (rain) the studio is used only and this takes less time.

• How many “looks” – clothes changes or setups—are included? How do you define a “look”?
On average 5 different changes and backdrops are used. Indoor and outdoor. A look is a change of top, background, and perhaps change of hairstyle or adding glasses perhaps. I use various locations around central Leamington Spa.

• Approximately how many shots will I have to choose from?
On average 400 images are taken on the day. I narrow this number down. You will be able to choose your four final images from around 100 previews via Dropbox.

• What is your payment policy?
I prefer payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer. I request £50.00 deposit on time of booking to secure the date chosen for the shoot. My shoots cost £150.00. This includes four retouched headshots. Any additional images are £15.00 each.

• Do use a studio and/or go on location?
I use a home studio, and outdoor locations nearby if the weather is fair.

• Do you help with wardrobe selection?
I ask clients to bring as much as they can with them and help them select what to wear. Please see this advice sheet for assistance with preparing for a session and what to wear.To put it simply. Please, no patterns, stripes or logos on the tops. No ‘fluorescent’  or unnatural colours. Avoid white and red where possible as it takes over. Tops need to be solid colours in various shades that complement the skin tone. Different colours will create different moods and looks. If possible bring tops with different necklines and collars etc. Jackets can also look good over the top for a different look.

• Do I receive proof sheets, 4 x 6 prints, or a CD?
Images are returned digitally via a Dropbox link. Preview images and final images are returned this way. I can supply prints for an extra charge.

• If I am not pleased with the photos, what options do you offer?
You either get your money back or we reshoot. The reason there is no time limit on a shoot with me is to help ensure we get it right. I show you as were going along what were doing via the back of the camera. We would discuss the shoot and what were trying to achieve as we go along. Please see my Terms and Conditions for further details.

• What types of roles could I play that my pictures should capture?
The style of headshots I take are industry standard and are used for sites such as Casting Call Pro, Star Now, Spotlight and for acting agents. I photograph Stage and TV / Film actors and Extras. I’m sorry I would not know your casting type without seeing you and knowing your acting history and training. Please get in touch before the shoot date to discuss this before hand if you require this advice.

All selected images are delivered digitally via a link for the customer to download and save to their devices.

The images are then available for printing.  For headshot printing I recommend the printing company Visualeyes  

Please enquire for further details if you would like me to do your printing on your behalf.

All the shoot images are kept for approximately six weeks after the session then all unedited images are deleted.

I often get requests to assist at shoots from college and university students. Sometimes I have projects that I could use an extra pair of hands with, usually in the summer months when I shoot fine art projects on location. The majority of the time I am photographing actors headshots. If you would like to contact me with your interest in assisting, please introduce yourself via email, attach your CV and a link to your portfolio and let me know what you like about my work.

When images are delivered I always ask my clients if the final images are satisfactory. I want you to be 100% happy with the results. I edit my photographs very carefully to ensure you look your very best. But I always ensure the images look like you! If you have any editing requests I can take these on board to help you achieve images that you will be delighted with. I will not retouch images to the point that the subject is unrecognisable or so that features are distorted.

When you hire me as a photographer you do so because you like the style and mood of my work. Its very distressing when I find my photographs have had filters put on them or apps have changed your appearance. This is not representative of my style and I would appreciate if the original image purchased from me is not tampered with unless discussed with me.

As the photographer copyright of the image belongs to me.

Printing copies of the images I take for personal use is fine. Please contact me if you need to use the images for anything else.

Please view my Terms and Conditions for further details.


In the event of poor weather the shoot will be studio only unless the client specifically asks in advance for outdoor shots at time of booking. If the shoot has been planned for outdoors the forecast will be followed the days leading up to the shoot and a decision will be made the day before the booking whether it will be the right conditions to proceed.

Please see my GDPR Policy page.