Colourful Confetti Fields

On a scorching hot summer day in June I met up with the creative force that is  model / photographer Jewelled Earth  (Holly) to share a shoot amongst the commercial flower fields at the The Real Confetti Company based in the Cotswolds. Our muse for the day was beautiful model Paola.

Due to its Instagram desirability The Real Confetti Company also allows photographers to set up shoots there with the purchase of a photographers pass.

The weather on the day was glorious bright sunshine and it was very hot. There is little shade at the confetti fields so Holly stepped in and helped filter the light for me with reflectors. On one occasion a helpful member of the public stepped in as I photographed Holly!

We visited on a weekday and the site was busy with lots of visitors and other photographers but there was plenty of room to move around the fields.

The farmer shared his frustration at some members of the public stepping into the flowers therefore trampling areas making parts of the crop un harvestable he warned us a couple of times but after a while he softened and was rather friendlier!

I think you can see that the confetti fields are inspiring, and I got lots of great shots of Holly and Paola.

One of my favourite photographers Tim Walker did a shoot at the Confetti Fields for Vogue. You can see his unique take on the location here

If you would like to book your own photoshoot at the Confetti Fields for June/July 2020 please get in touch.

Location: The Real Flower Confetti Company

Model: Ivory Flame

Model: Paola

Photographer: Rebecca Knowles Photography