Dancing Poppies

Through the dancing poppies stole a breeze, most softly lulling to my soul.
– John Keats
If anyone has followed my work for sometime you will understand a recurring theme. This tends to be using the natural world as a backdrop and playing with the colours and moods of the British seasons.
I am based in the East midlands and my studio backs onto fields. Initially you will see sheep but beyond them are arable crops. I had always wanted to shoot in a poppy field. I had found them very elusive in the past. I think it’s one of those shoot themes that as a photographer you have to cross of your list! Every couple of years or so a few fields behind the studio will burst into a vibrant red and I finally got my chance to be creative on a very hot day in June.
Once I had realised poppy season was here, I sourced and found a vintage dress which cost very little, and then scoured my Instagram for a model that could get to my location at short notice.
Lydia aptly also known as Girl on Fire is a dancer, model amongst other talents and with her dark red hair and dramatic, confident and artistic posing style I was so happy that she was currently in the area. Dancers are always super to photograph.
It was a boiling hot June afternoon but Lydia was very much able to get the shots I wanted. I experimented with different lenses and using few areas of the same field here are the results.
These images are available to license at Trevillion Images.